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I just did a book cake using molding chocolate as the cover. I found that since the cover of a real book only goes over the pages maybe a 1/4 of an inch that the MC did not droop. If you use fondant I think it will be even less of a problem. Just make sure the cover only hangs over the edge of the pages a very small amount, as with a real book.
I've done this before using champagne glasses and I used a 6" round mirror. You might have to use a 7" to fit the wine glasses on it completely, but it was a really beautiful result. I also used an upside down mirror under the top tier so the reflection in the bottom mirror wasn't the underside of the cake board.
I was thinking that the diamonds would need to be different sizes so they would look proportionate to the tier size. Would you use the 1 3/4" tall diamonds for all the tiers? Or a larger one for the bottom and a smaller one for the top? I think my tiers will be about 5" tall.
I'm sure this has been answered before, but I searched everywhere and couldn't find anything.What size impression mats do you use on each tier size?I am doing a 4 tier cake, 16", 12", 9" and 6" and am not sure what size the diamonds on the mats should be. Thanks!
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