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Thanks. I was thinking something like that, but had a second thought of individual petals.
Does anyone know how I can make flowers similar to this? Looking for a tutorial, or name, or any info you might have so I can search better. Thanks!
Thanks! Another good idea You've been very helpful already! I could make the ribbon and bows out of fondant to make sure they match...
I'm thinking of combining this idea with the chocolate cutouts that were also suggested.Thanks for your input! I just got stuck and could not think of anything
Thanks the chocolate idea is great! The wedding is in the spring, so the leaves are out, but I could use the same idea with a different shape...maybe just a large fondant circle cutout.Thanks!
Ok, I have a bride and groom who want to do the cupcake and wedding combo on the same stand. The colors are going to be shades of spring orange. They want the cake to be covered in fondant with an orange ribbon around the base of each tier with some bling on there somewhere. The cupcakes are up to me as long as they cooridinate with the's the crazy part. They want to cupcakes to represent the groom's cake...which has to be a hunting and fishing theme! Does...
I have a request for a cake with a mommy cat laying on her side(with head up) on top of a larger round cake. I'm not really sure how to make a cat shape. It would be best if it was made out of cake and decorated with buttercream icing to make it look like a cat. I have seen some great pictures of cakes with cats in this position, but I have no idea how they were made. Any help would be awesome!
Thanks everyone, I guess my gut was right that it would look a little(or a lot) off. I'll either make the tiers smaller and add a fourth or make them all smaller and include and small "extra" cake. I'll have to discuss with the bride on this one.
I don't have a scetch, I am still in the planning stage, and don't make great scetches, so I haven't done one. I was thinking that the 12" and 6" would seem strange, but thought I would get some opinions. I can decorate however I want as long as I use the requested colors(pink, black and some white). But since there isn't much money to be spent I will be trying to keep it simple. If you haev any decorating ideas please pass them along! Thanks again!
I am making a wedding cake and figured the tiers I need to be 16", 12" and 6". Will that look ok? I am doing this cake on a tight budget and don't want to add another tier, I also want to the top to be 6" not larger. Has anyone made a cake using this size combination? Do you all think it will look nice?Thanks!
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