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well I guess I have to make a reply here now too, since I just followed all the post.correct gramar is a must in life no matter what profession we choose to follow in life . at any age , my daughter is 21 does not speak with a slang or a street dialect.I know shorty personaly she can be very sweet,she's has come along way in her cake skill's the past year. 3 children and all so she is climbing up the ladder with us all.we do need to be careful how we speak not to offend...
I'm very glad this topic came up ,I too am knew at air brushing I bought liquid edible paint colors gold and silver from squires kitchen is the brand I just put it in the air brush or and vodka to it or can it be applied by brush , please email all the help I can get .
Thank you all very much, your advice is a great help, now I can try to make one with less worry , truely appreciated thank you's and god bless.
I'm wanting to do a cake castle for the first time, I bought the wilton set ,but how do I get the tower's on the outter sides of castle to stand without falling? any and all suggestion's would truely be appreciated. thank you's.
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