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Thanks cherrycakes & txnonnie!By the way...they loved the pairing! Cookies & Cream with marble was a HIT! Once again CC'ers come through for me - you guys all ROCK!
As is the cake...(it's also my new avatar pic)I'll hear back from her on Tuesday on how the flavour combination went over!Thanks again for everyone's input
I'm a BIG fan of chocolate MMF. I use it all the time to make black and it's fine as long as you don't put too much cocoa in. I make a modified version of the MMF recipe in the Articles section here on CC. I just add a little more than 1 tbsp of corn syrup, about a tsp of vanilla and 3/4 cup of cocoa after the marshmallows have melted. Stir, stir, stir - THEN add the PS until it's the right consistency. It won't crack and dry out if you put it in first BEFORE the PS -...
I know what you mean...just did one myself a few weeks back and took foreverrrrr. Yours turned out great and totally worth whatever time you put into it.
I've recommended the marble flavour - thanks for everyone's suggestions. It was apparent that a combination of chocolate and a white/yellow cake was the best option.I'll be sure to post the cake once it's done which won't be until the end of October. A fair bit away but it's for my friend's engagement dinner so I wanted to make sure I made it as wonderful as possible and her fiance is partial to Cookies & Cream filling!Thanks again everyone!
I think marble would be a good suggestion - thanks! Any other good pairings? And thanks clystrial - I also worried with the whipping cream...
Thanks for the great suggestions so far!
Hi All...quick question...What is your favourite pairing to go with Cookies & Cream Filling that uses heavy cream (not buttercream) as the base? I have a friend who wants that filling and has left it up to me as to what cake flavour to pair it with.I have NO idea LOL...I've been told that a dark chocolate cake can overpower it...any advice pls?Also, how long would it keep at room temp if it uses whipping cream as the base? The recipe I plan to use is this one from the...
Thanks ladies and it was my pleasure
Oh and nearly forgot...I couldn't find the side lightning bolt decals on-line and the only pics I could find of them were on an angle so I just took pics of my son's toy and printed those off and cut out the templates from that.
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