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Hey guys I'm doing a donated football theme cake and cupcakes. I was going to use chocolate easter eggs as footballs on the cupcakes but can not find them any were here in canada. any body have suggestions on what else I can use to make them???
Ok so I'm going to be making at moving box cake and I don't know if it would be better to us fondant panels or just cover the square box in fondant then make it look like the sides are taped so it looks like a seem?
Is there a way to do the checkerboard pattern so that it is one solid peice of fondant? I don't want to cut black peice and place on because I them all level?
Thnks for the quick reposnce, sorry all the spelling mistakes! Can I buttercream the middles then ganache the whole cake?
Recently I was told I was going to make my cousins wedding cake (thanks mom) any way, the wedding is a 3 hour drive from my place. I have made the cakes and all the details (gumpaste) that will need to be attached. I was thinking about ganaching the cakes here at home tonight, so they have a night to set then drive the 3 hours tomorrow and once I get there cover them in fondant and peice together as i normaly do it, what do you guys think? I can ganche them there but...
wow thanks guys I never even thought about using chocolate. That is the power of you all cc'er! i think that is the way I will go!
the cake will be covered in fondant. Thanks for the great tips! I'm just really worried abou the weight of them on the cake. I also plan on putting the shells on at the venue.
Hey guys could really us your help with this one! I'm going to make the seashells out of molds just fondant and gumpaste. The bride wants them casscading down the one side of the cake, Im worried that they will be heavy does anyone have ideas as to how tostick them to the cakeThanks
I was asked today if I could do this beautiful cake (tea pot cake in album) It is a very detailed cake, bride was wondering how much I would charge, the going rate here is about $1.25 to $2.25 per slice and she is wanting it for 145 people. when I gave her the price she came back with she would buy the teapot and would the price go down if the branches and flowers were fake? I think this will cake away from the cake alot! I have never done a cake this detailed before and...
I was recently given my aunty's 20 year old wedding, it was fake so don't worry!!! lol there was alot of old piping and lace work on it so I took off what I could and made molds for some vintage cakes I plan on doing. the only thing is that the cake was incased in glass and I want to some how use the glass to make a cake stand, but don't know were to start so I was wondering if anyone might have any suggestions?
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