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I want it standing up on the cake.  It's the cake topper.
Would someone please share with me what to use to form the crown.
Would someone PLEASE tell me how to rotate a picture.
How do you look up other members photos?
Can someone tell me how to rotate a photo?
I am having the same problem with my photo galleryalso.  NONE of the pictures are mines.
None of the cakes are mine in my photo gallery...there's lots of photos there but absolutely none of them are mine!  
I use box mixes and have not had any complaints from my clients. When I get a feedback via email, telephone or even facebook, they are all saying how good the cake was. I believe if your buttercream is delicious then it will bring out the taste/texture of a box mix. Also when your clients call you and place an order the first thing they are telling you is what type of cake they want (diaper bag, princess and the frog, spongebob, etc.) And when you deliver the cake,...
I am look for the logos that go on the mcqueen car ( Lightning bolt, front window, etc.)
I put two 11X15 cakes together to get the full sheet cake. Or if your board is big enough you could use two 12X18.
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