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Just a thought, what about mixing it with Pastry Pride??
Thank you ! For all the great ideas, It sounds like they are endless. Also I do have an extra fridge, just need to take out a shelf and rearrange it. But what about using fondant decorations and then putting it the fridge. Is it the same as putting a fondant covered cake in the fridge? I think I am going to have to get my creative juices really flowing.
Thanks so much for replying.I have some Pastry Pride in my freezer, I was thinking of using something like that. I am really up for any ideas, I won't be able to get the cake in my fridge once I put it together. Now this may sound dumb,but when baking these cakes do people mostly make a filling or just use buttercream? The last time I made one I put oreo cookies in the butter cream for a filling.Thank you again.Lisa
I am making a stacked cake for the first time, frosted with buttercream and fondant decorations added. I would like to fill it but do all filling except buttercream need to be refridgerated? The filling say refrig until you use but not after. The stacked cakes are a little big for fridge and do the fondant pieces get weird in the fridge too???I am very grateful for any help!!
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