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Thanks, I will try the milk and tell the customer no sunlight, but I already know they want leave it in the box. Thanks again
Hi all. I need Please, what can I use to keep my purple frosting from fading? I have read different things, but has worked for you? I know keep out direct sunlight it fade when I was driving in the back seat of the car. It turned grays not a pretty color. Thank you sammie192
Hi all  I have question is rice paper and wafer paper the same?
 Happy New year ! I have a question please on fillings for unbaked cakes, Bettycrocker has a cupcake mix that has a filling you bake in the cupcake. I want to use it for a cake as for the filling how can I do it? I was thing to go circles on top of the batter. batter first, than circles of filling not to close to each other then remaining batter. What do you think ? Thanks
 Elcee every thing is closed now . I well try Walmart and see what they have. Thanks
Thank you?
Hi all I need some help if possible please. I am working on a wedding cake for tomorrow  4tiers stack with the sps system 12-10-8-6 the leg to go with system is 4in my cake 5in. when I want high tier I can't get one now I have one and don't want it. So please tell what can I do ? Do you think if I mark the top of the cake with the plate put (boba straws) in the cake, then put the legs over It  do you think it may work ???????
Awesome job!!!  
I make my son a B-bay cake a few years back with the cooked coconut filling. They were to put in the refrigerator after they cut it. NOT they left it out for a couple of days. It grew hair-and it molded.He was just a little up set to say.
I can answer my own question. I used the strawberrys with the liquid and no other liquid. and the cake turned out fine.
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