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Thank you denetteb. 
I made a giant cupcake today and piped rosettes on the top.  But my buttercream seemed too stiff and dry.  Couldn't get the rosettes to properly stick on the buttercreamed cake and they weren't smooth at all.  I made Indydebi's high heat buttercream which I need to since it's so darn warm here already.  I added in the 1/2 cup of whole milk.  Can I add more milk?   Is there something I'm doing wrong.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks.
Indydebi - I know  this is an older thread, but I just had a question.  The last time I made this recipe, I had grittyness and tiny air bubbles.  I use C&H powdered sugar (didn't sift it though) and a store brand shortening (which has a little trans fat)  Can you give me any suggestions of what I might be doing wrong?   Thanks so much for your help.  :)   p.s.  I also got a little separation when I colored it with Americolor gels.  HELP!!  
I just insert the stick into the cookie before baking.  I learned how to do it with this tutorial here by Karen's Cookies:  
I use this recipe here that was posted by bunnywoman on the discussion boards:   ALICE'S MODIFIED ROYAL 1 pound sifted powdered sugar 3 Tbsp. meringue powder 5-6 Tbsp. water 1/2 cup of butter ( ¼ cup if flooding) Add all ingredients in your mixer bowl and mix until nice and smooth. You can stack cookies when dry, but they will not dry rock hard like royal icing. BUNNY's NOTES: I add 1 tsp. vanilla to this to give it a nice flavor. Adding...  is one of my favorites.  Her work is amazing.  
It looks like the person who made these cookies, impala, did decorate these with fondant.   Good luck!  :)  
Hi   I just tried a new sugar cookie recipe today and it was very tasty.  I found it on this site by Sweetopia:   I only used 2 cups of butter and omited the baking powder.   
Your surfboards are so cute and your packaging is great. Thanks for sharing.
What about this one here:
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