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I've heard that those types of products. As seen on TV, etc will not start production of the item until they have a certain number of orders in hand. If they don't hit their numbers by a certain date, they cancel the orders.
I've had trouble with black fondant, and i try not to have to cover cakes with it, or any dark fondant anymore, it does tear quite a lot. I have used white fondant and airbrushed it black, that worked great. I did it with my Orca cake.
Buy it.
Thank you, it did take a while. Your birthday cake for Fletcher is crazy good, every time I look at it I see something I didn't see the time before. I love everything about! Amazing!
Wow, those are some amazing cakes. Makes me a little tired just thinking of all the hours that went into them. Here are mine, probably never to be repeated. This was for my daughters 8th birthday. Even she said I was spending too much time one it. I got a little carried away. one was for my husbands dad's cousin. She wanted a teacup with soft lavender. My son threw himself on the floor crying when she took it away, I hadn't...
I have two cakes in my photos with poker chips. One is in pink & black (twin mini purse cakes) it was for a girls 10th bday. The other regular poker style with black, red, and green. I think you can make the chips any color you like. If the cake is dark, maybe lighter shades of the pink, or purple with black. (caution light purple changes to blue/grey really fast-I work in the dark on light purple)Love to see a pic when your done.
I cover mine in fondant, over the 1/2 " cake drum. It's easy to do the night before, fairly quick and easy. I trim the edge and hot glue a ribbon around the edge.
Well I'm glad to hear you are not taking on cake for 400. I'm sure it will be beautiful and memorable. Congrats & Best Wishes for the happy day.
And they come with their huge cakes already baked, and usually torted and filled too. Not to mention they are allow to have 50% of their flowers and items premade, due to drying time limits. Bronwen Weber once said. "They don't show the 300 hours of time it takes to get ready for one of these shows."
I don't think anyone is saying she can't do it. I think it's more of a question of why the heck would you want to do that to yourself? Do you really want to be covered in buttercream with bags under your eyes the night before your wedding? Who would? Sure she can do it, but why? I like the idea of recruiting help, but I like the idea of ordering cakes and buying a stand to put them better.Who needs the stress. Seriously hire it out, you'll be so glad you did.
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