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what is wrong with the fondant? too dry? too moist? is it mmf? store bought?
Ive too thought about it as we have a non experienced local who has a created a booming business out of it here in the San Fransicso Bay Area called CupKates...
I was thinking of the morning so I can work but Im not sure yet... the thought of school at 645am does make me cringe! lol Keep me posted and maybe we'll be classmates!
awesome!!! Im so glad your experience was as amazing as mines!
No problem! Better to be informed than to go into it blindly! Yes maybe we will be classmates! I too was impressed that it was a dedicated pastry art school. The fact that Nicolas Lodge teaches there was even more of a bonus! But do visit the school, ask questions and then debate on the pros and cons. I have 3 boys and my husband im moving and it was a big decision but they all support the move.Good Luck and let me know how it all goes! ~Jasara
I was in search of culinary schools last year specifically baking and pastry arts. My first Choice was I.C.E in NY, and I still would attend if NY wasnt such a huge move for me amongst other reasons. But on my annual trip to Chicago, I stumbled across The French Pastry School the day before I left.I toured the school on my last trip to Chicago in November 2009. The staff were warm and inviting. After several attempts to try and register online unsuccessfully, I called and...
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