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the link u gave does not seem to be says page not found.....  
thank you all for your quick reply....have a great day  
Hello & Happy New year there any tutorial out here that show how to mold the Simba Lion king topper....has anyone done this before, if yes pleas help...thanks
This was a Skates cake that I did recently.....Skate was done in Fondant. I just googled, printed the one I liked & then cut it out to the required shape. Used that to make a cutout of Fondant. Left it to dry overnight. Hope that helps
I think I had seen one on ***********.com check it out.  
Can someone help out with the modelling of a chipmunk character. Many thanks
If I am not mistaken this flower can be made using the 5 petal rose cutter....I have done somthing similar.....trying to attach the cake photo..but seem to be getting an error.....will try later
can anyone here help me on how to make a beyblade cake...there are many such cakes posted in the gallery, can anyone who has made this cake give me a rough idea/video/step by step....thanks
I just did one recently for my daughters baby shower....used the small ball pan for the top & for the belly used the half football pan.
Me to wondering how it can hold without support even if its a dummy, and the figures, how come they are not sliding down...... let us know how u managed to do this once u finish of the cake......thanks
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