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I am making sugar cookies for Valentines Day. As I was looking a some pictures, I saw cookies decorated in royal icing but also had shaped hearts dragged inside the icing. How do I do that? I think one person said that it was her first attempt at royal icing flooding!?!?!Thanks for your help
I am making a graduation cake for my son's swim team. There are six boys. They want a wedding style cake with male swimmers in Speedos as the toppers. I have a couple of weeks until the party. Can anyone help me find swimmer figurines or tell me how to make some. Maybe someone has another idea. Help!!!!
I am getting ready to make a chocolate shoe from a mold. Does anyone know how to trim up chocolate? I don't want the edges to look jagged; I want a smooth line. Thanks!
Maybe try a thicker liner or double it. Foil lined ones are good. Try putting your batter in a Pyrex measuring cup or whatever has that pour spout. Fill it 1/2 to 2/3 full. Chocolate cake raises higher than white. I assume that you are using a cupcake pan, too. Silly question, but you shouldn't have trouble with cc's.
My Wal-Mart won't sell me their icing. They thought that I was crazy.
Make sure that you put dowels into your cake to support the mirror. Put a piece of wax paper on your cake then put the mirror on. Double stick-tape the topper. Set the topper on at the last minute (or have someone at the wedding put it on). You just need it to make it through the reception until they cute the cake.
I would try the whipped chocolate ganache. Yum
You can replace your water with milk in bc recipes, but then you will have to refridgerate. Whenever you add a dairy product, you must keep it cold. Stick with water!
What does marzipan taste like? I don't like the taste of Wilton's ready to use fondant, so someone suggested putting marzipan under it. Should I or shouldn't I?
Has anyone came up with a spreadsheet that they have shared? With the cool weather coming, I am getting in the mood to bake. Pumkin cake with cream cheese frosting as binder dipped in white chocolate. Yum!
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