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I have found several recipes that are really traditional sponge cakes, but was wondering if anyone has played with any non-traditional ones, like a good chocolate or some other flavor. Anyone have a recipe for a good one that they have tried? Danielle
I haven't done petits four for a customer yet and was wondering how many to figure for each guest and how much to charge compared to a normal slice price just for figuring purposes? Danielle
Just wondering what people usually charge. These are going to be decorated a little bit and then some of them will be tuxedo strawberries. Thanks! Danielle
Totally! I had someone book 2 weeks in advance. I thought maybe they had just gotten engaged and were planning it on the quick, but they had been planning a Halloween wedding since July (not that that is a long time, but more than 2 weeks I agree with Indy. If I have the date available, I don't really care how long in advance they book. I just have to be realistic about what they can expect. Danielle
I would love to get some run-downs from all of you more seasoned cake pros on what a tasting looks like for you. I've done about a dozen of them now and they are fine, but sometime I feel like they are lacking something. I had a really quiet couple who I don't think was very serious about booking in the first place last week and I just wondered what I should be doing during the whole thing. They didn't even want to talk much about design. I work out of my home, so I am...
I just wondered if someone has some tips for this cake. I think it is RKT for the head and eyes and nose, so I'm thinking about 15 servings of cake just for the body. Any other ideas or does anyone disagree with the RKT conclusion? Danielle
I should specify that I'm referring to 6" tall tiers not across. Danielle
I did talk to Leah (thanks SO much for all of your help, Leah) quite a bit about doing SPS and have done it on one other cake but this cake that I am doing now has 6" tiers and I just wondered if anyone has personally used it on a taller cake? I know the standard is to separate tiers every 3" when you have more than 4", so does that still apply even if you use SPS? It is for tomorrow and I have the SPS all ready to go but I keep going back and forth on whether to use it...
Thank you so much! I did try searching and for some reason can't ever find a darn thing when I search.
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