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Thanks everybody. I think I am going to try to make a batch today and see how it turns out.Niki 10 - those pictures and info are perfect! Just what I needed! If the cake turns out cute, I'll try to post a photo.
Hi! Hope everyone is having a good day.I need some tips on working with Marshmallow fondant. I have never done fondant at all - but I want to try to make a light saber for the top of a star wars theme cake. Anybody with ideas or tips on doing that would be so appreciated.Thanks!
Well good news! I glued the head back on with icing, and I put two toothpicks in the back of his neck. Decorated it and prayed! The head stayed on, and the cake was a huge hit.It turned out great. It was really cute and the birthday girl was thrilled!If you follow the instructions with the pan and make two cake mixes and put them together - you will have plenty of batter for two bears - I figured if it did not work I could do it over again.My advise would be to handle the...
Thanks! I read what was said. I still don't know if I should make another - or try to ice it first. Maybe I'll try the icing and see what happens
HELP!!!!! I am making my first stand up Panda bear, and I took it out of the pan following the directions to a tee, and the cake was cracked and the head fell off!!!!Should I glue it on with icing??? Should I make another??What do I do to keep this from happening????Cake is for birthday tomorrow morning!!!! Thanks,emily
Thank you so much for the ideas. I will look at that book - I have not seen it before.
Hi!I need some ideas for cakes with a zoo theme, or a particular zoo animal theme. The 4th birthday party is being held at the zoo. Thanks!!!!
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