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Thank you everyone!!! I just relocated to San Diego from NJ.  I am totally overwhelmed with everything (in a GREAT way) so I appreciate the guidance on where to start!!!! 
Is anyone familiar with the cottage food law in California?  I just moved here and I am trying to decipher if and how I can sell cakes and cupcakes.  Thanks!!!
Hello Everyone!   What color dye do you suggest for a pumpkin pie color?  What about for a pie crust color?  Thanks so much!
Hello Everyone,Does anyone have a mini guitar pattern that I can use to cut out fondant? Thank you in advance for your time and help!!!~Christine
Hello Everyone,I always see “cake tags” on professional cakes – where you write whatever message (Happy Bday, Happy Anniversary etc). What are these “tags” usually made out of? THANK YOU in advance for your help!!~Cupcaking Christine
Thanks guys...that WAS my original thought but the cake was so moist I was afraid it would crumble when I pulled apart the layers. I will def give it a try. I apprecaite all of your comments THANK YOU!!
Hello,How do I sculpt a filled layer cake? I made my 1st purse cake this weekend and the layers were filled with chocolate mousse, strawberries and bananas. Is there an easy way to sculpt a cake filled like this? Please let me know and THANK you so much in advance!~Cupcaking Christine
Thank you everyone for your help!! I am also trying to incorporate a sun in the decor - I am open to any suggestions. I toyed with the idea of a fondant cut out, but time and cost are big factors. If you have any thoughts please feel free to share! And thank you again so much!!!
Can anyone suggest an online store for edible confetti? I am mostly looking for Sun Moon and stars….please let me know!
Diane,Thanks for the tip I will try it this way!
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