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Thank you so much for your help!!!
I'm doing some research and am finding out that some bakers are using melted chocoate first to cover the RKT and fill in the gaps and then using fondant.. Could I get away with just using melted choocalte instead of fondant or will that look bad?
Hi Everyone.. What is the best way you would do this? I am making a 1/2 sheet cake and decorating it with a school bus on top of the cake.. I was planning on making it out of Fondant.. What is the best way to go about this? Should I make the bus out of Rice Krispy Treast and them cover them in Fondant? All I would have to do is stack them to look like a bus and carve the front of the bus correct? What would you do? Thank you so so much!!
ohhh.. that really stinks.. sorry that happen.. Keep moving forward and stay positive.. Carissa
I have a question, could you possibly work in a bakery that is already established and the owner would sell it to you? Like when someone Rent to Own a house? Good Luck with everything.. I would love to have my own place one day!!
thank you so much!!!!!!!! Have a great night!!
Hi Everyone.. I just love this cake deigner's cakes and I can't reach her via email as she is in the UK to ask her a question.. What do you guys think the botton sticks are?  Do u think they sell them anywhere? thank you so much!!      
I wanted to know to know if I could make my own color spray like the kind Wilton has in a can. I am just using it for cucapkes? What do you think, would it work? thanks!
Does anyone happen to have one? Thank you so much!!
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