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I would definately get her a cupcake idea book so she has step-by-step directions. One idea is to get those pre-made royal icing flowers and some colored sugar pearls so she can just place the decorations how she wants them w/o having to create them herself. This would be a great step in building cupcake confidence Then maybe after the holiday craziness you can sit down with her and show her how to make the flowers herself (Put a coupon in the kit for a private cupcake...
I've never worked with mousse so I don't know how well it would pipe. If you did end up putting them on cupcakes I would definately refrigerate them. I hope someone else can help answer your question
Another meal choice that went over well at our school was breakfast for lunch. They made either pancakes or french toast, fresh fruit, and sausage links. Hubby always packed his lunch growing up but always bought his lunch when this was on the menu What ages will you be cooking for? Elementary, Junior High, High School? That will play a big part in what you cook too. If you let us know the age range I (and I'm sure others) could give you more ideas that would better suit...
My husband's workplace hosted a bake sale fundraiser for the Unite Way today. I made decorated sugar cookies with the United Way logo on them to donate for the bake sale. Apparently there were a lot of employees thinking that they were props and not cookies LOL. I didn't think that they looked like mini frisbees, but what do I know Atleast they all sold
careylynn~ It's best if the dough is still a little chilled when you work with it. I just usually forget to take it out soon enough and it gets too hard to work with, then let it sit on the counter and forget about it. LOL When it comes to room temp it really doesn't spread that much in the oven, but there's even less spreading when it's chilled.
I've had cookie dough stay fresh in the fridge for a week before. You should be good. Just let it come to room temp (it will probably take about 1-2 hours). NFSC dough is very good, but it does get really hard after chilling, especially after pro-longed chilling. As long as it doesn't smell bad or taste bad (taste a tiny piece) you should be fine.
Please tell me that was for a Jumbo sized cupcake and not a standard...I think I might go into sticker shock if its the standard! Kudos to them though if they can sell them for that price.
I am just now getting into making gumpaste flowers and was curious about what type of chalk to use for dusting. Am I understanding this correctly? Can I use any type of arts & crafts chalk as long as it's non-toxic?
Very cute! I would probably go for $15-20. She did a wonderful job
Well, I sent out the refund this morning. I also received the nicest letter from her too:"my address, city, state, zip. Thank you."LOL. That's all it said. Hopefully I will never hear from that horrible woman ever again. Thanks for letting me complain and for keeping my head straight. Needless to say I couldn't tell her what I was really thinking Now, onto the next one! (cake that is, not complaint)
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