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I enjoyed the free buttercream video and learned a few things.  Nothing earth shattering just new twists on the way I had been doing things.  I didn’t try his buttercream recipe mainly because I’m happy with the one I’ve been using.
Success!!!! The melted chocolate worked like a charm. The dragees stayed in place with no slippage. Worked much better than the superglue Thanks everyone for all the suggestions and help.Carol
Relznik, that is exactly the look I was going for with my letters. I'll have to try sticking them with royal icing tomorrow cause stupid me ran out of sugar. Akrainis, Occther, thanks for the tip on the candy melts/white chocolate. I can try that tonight. I always have chocolate on hand!!!BakingIrene, I didn't think the superglue would be a problem because the silver dragees aren't edible either. But I probably won’t use them anyways. They have gotten a little...
I have dry, gumpaste letters that I'm trying to encrust with dragees, but the silly little dragees won't stick. I've tried water, vodka, extract, fondant glue and piping gel, but they just won't stay in place. I've even tried super glue, but that didn't work either. Do you know of anything else I can try? Do you think Royal Icing will work?Help
For my 4th of July party I decided to use my guest (once again) as guinea pigs. This time they are taste testing different fondants. The test group includes:Pettinice (White Rolled Fondant Icing)Duff’s (White Buttercream)Choco-Pan (Wedding White)Elite by Fondx (Silk White)Fondarific (Buttercream Antique White)Satin Ice (White Buttercream)MMF – Marshmallow FondantMichele Foster’s Updated FondantWhich is your favorite? I will let you know how the taste test goes….Carol
Vicki,Here is a link to the spreadsheet. Enjoy.Carol
A few years ago the same thing happened to a friend of mine. The groom backed out two weeks before the wedding. Everything was already paid for (reception hall, food, cake, band, etc), so the bride-to-be went ahead with the reception. Everyone had a great time including the bride-to-be who met her future husband. They are expecting their second child, and the run-away-groom is in jail for his fourth DWI. Lucky escape for my friend.
Thanks scp1127, it is nice to know that my blog is showing up in the search engines and that people are looking!
I can post my results...I baked four out of the eight cakes and had 11 people do a taste test.I baked:4) Cook\\'s Illustrated White Layer Cake6) K8\\'s take on Sylvia Weinstock\\'s Classic Cake7) Delicate White Cake from Group Recipes8 ) Rebecca Rather\\'s White on White Buttermilk CakeThe Cook\\'s Illustrated Butter recipe was ranked #1 (score of 1.6)Rebecca Rather\\'s Buttermilk recipe was ranked #2 (score of 2.4)Group Recipes\\' Shortening recipe was ranked #3 (score of...
I have the big 6qt, and for normal home baking I think it is too big. The bowl is so wide and deep that it is hard to cream small amounts of butter. I constantly have to scrape down the bowl to get the butter and sugar within reach of the beater I have seriously thought about buying a second KA for my small/single batch baking, but I just can’t justify the expense (and the storage room). Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they sold a model that had interchangeable...
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