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Congratulations on your new adventure.
Congratulations on your new business. How did your area do? Did your power stay on? TV reports show some areas were fine, while others went under water or were hit by tornados.
Did you call Gambinos to ask if they would make one special for her?I was just thinking about their New Orleans Doberge cakes. Another thread was talking about 7 layer cakes. I'm sorry to hear you Mom is ill. I hope she is better soon. -Debbie B.
Look at Gambinos Bakery in New Orleans. It shows a picture on their web site. (For the cake interior)
You know what... that cake's interior looks very similar to a Southern New Orleans Doberge cake. You can get them with the caramel frosting or chocolate. They usually have a poured frosting as a "top coat" and 7 layers. They are wonderful. We saw "The Help" and loved it. Great movie. It made us laugh one minute, then cry the next. -Debbie B.
I guess she will be the first customer on your "No cake for you" list. It seems that some people are making the "complain for something free" a life-style game. They are always looking for more and more victories. -Debbie B.
Thank you for letting us know about this. It is really cool. -Debbie B.
After all was said and done, was she happy with the cake?
Did you have a heart attack, or was it a stress reaction? I hope you are doing better now. -Debbie B.
I appreciate the post letting us know about these wonderful sites. Thank you,Debbie B.
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