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I may have to do that if the gumpaste doesn't dry in time! What part of Ky are you in?
TexasSugar, I was just thinking I should just buy some premade gumpaste and make it from that. Does that dry pretty quickly? This is not getting pressed against the cake, but needs to stand up on the top tier, so has to be hard enough to not bend or flex. I've used it once before, but can't remember how long it took to dry.
How much tylose? Can I buy it at Michael's or Hobby Lobby? I'm at work right now, so won't be home until about 5:30. The wedding is tomorrow at 1:30. Is that still enough time? Thanks so much for your help!
Hi, I'm doing a wedding cake for tomorrow (!!!) and need a fondant plaque for the top tier that resembles a big scrabble tile. I realize it should have been made days ago to harden, but this was a last minute request (family cake). How is the best way to do this? Could I mount the fondant on a piece of cardboard or something to help it stand up? What would I use to adhere it, and will this even work? Any ideas or suggestions would be GREAT!! Thanks so much!!!
Wow, what a generous friend! I'm so glad everything seems to be working out for you now!
I don't work with IMBC, so not sure if this would help, but if you stack onsite, could you leave your dowels about an inch above the surface, so when you place the top cake on (using a spatula), it will slowly sink down on top of the dowels into the bottom cake. That way you don't have to worry about getting your fingers in top or bottom cake. You may still have to smooth out some marks from the top cake, but I wouldn't think it would be too bad. Good luck with whatever...
Jan, rest assured I didn't "jump to conclusions". I'm not sure what facts you've alluded to that I didn't check. It's a little disheartening to me that mods will move posts without notifying the author to where it was moved and why. I shouldn't have to search around looking for my post. The reason there were multiple posts is because when I first attempted to submit my post to the "Cake Decorating" forum, it would not post. I checked the forum twice before attempting...
Really? No ideas?
I posted last night about how to do a cake that a family requested for a child that just died and now I can't find it anywhere! Do posts really get deleted by mods and no reason or message given that they're being deleted and why?
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