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Thanks! Have you tried it with cream cheese icing?
I am getting married in 2 weeks... My sister is a chef and I myself have made several cakes... We are making my wedding cake... It will be covered in white fondant 3 tiers... My fiance likes the red velvet cake and cream cheese icing... Is there any good recipes for a chocolate cake and cream cheese icing that pair together without me trying out several recipes?Thanks![/i]
I tried covering my Styrofoam dummy with Wilton fondant and it didn't hold. Was going to use this in class for teaching instead of baking a cake.
I am going to try the recipe for Kahlua filling, it says to use sugar. I am assuming granulated sugar? Or do I use powdered? Thanks!
I need some advice about airbrushing. I need a variety of colors and would like to puchase a 12 pack or so. What brand is good to use and what online store can I purchase this from?
I'm a Wilton Instructor in NC. Kids aren't supposed to be in class but she should of pulled you aside and let you continue the class you showed up for. It wouldn't of bothered me unless your child was bothersome to other students by being loud when teaching/learning. She was wrong! Complain to Wilton.
Adding dowel rods is a good idea so your cakes will not shift or fall when stacked. I think you should take Wilton classes to learn more helpful information such as this. Here is a helpful link for you...
use meringue... here's wilton's recipe...
No your not crazy... Baking and decorating takes time and money... If you feel this price is reasonable then stick with it! Don't settle for less or your customers will expect you to do it all the time... The grocery stores wouldn't do a cake like this... Don't stress...
I make Wilton's color flow recipe for cookies... Easy and looks great!
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