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Oh thanks Imcclaflin!!
Thank you all for your suggestions! I'll let you know how it turns out! Im going to try to find a pattern to trace
Hey guys! I have never made white chocolate tiara's for cupcakes but it's been requested. Any ideas on how you do it or the best method that worked for you? I have to make 2 dozen cupcakes with the tiaras on them. Just wanted some input! Thanks so much!
Imcclaflin how long did you let it thaw out before dipping and Where did you purchase your chocolate from? Thanks so much for your input!
Thank you so MUCH! I don't even know why I didn't think of the piping gel!!! LOL! I definitely think I will find some pearls of different sizes and purchase them. If anyone has ideas on where to purchase different sizes It would be appreciated! Thanks again Annie8! It makes it seem so much easier to me now! lol
HEY ALL! Ok, soooo, I want to do this cake for a HUGE event and I think this would be perfect but Im not quite sure if this is hand rolled fondant beads of different sizes or The pearls you buy and attach. What do you think it is and how do I attach it without whatever I use showing on the cake? Any suggestions on how to do this cake would be awesome! I almost think it would be easier to buy the little pearls and attach it rather than roll them. Any help on how to do this...
Oh thank you so much! I was just notified it's going to be 1000 total, and I want to make sure it's done and not at the last minute, as we have other things we are making as well. I appreciate the info!
anyone there? lol
Hey All! I have been requested to do over 500 cake pops. How far in advance can you make them? Can you freeze them? They will be wrapped with a ribbon around the bottom. Will they sweat  once they thaw since it's cooler weather now and they will remain wrapped up?
Just sent you a PM with a possible solution
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