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Just sent you a PM with a possible solution
Hey all! I've been thinking of participating in some rather LARGE Festivals that are upcoming. Most food vendors at these events have food trucks, etc. Well I don't have a food truck but I am thinking of renting a tent. The events  are in april and in august. How would you set up such items: I'm thinking that due to the heat in august, april I could do more cake, but in august  I would offer cookies, brownie bites, cheesecake bites, and mini cupcakes. Any other...
Thanks guys! It wasn't disco dust,...just cake sparkle
Hey All!   This is a first for me! I have never done anything star wars before, bur did an order anyhow for someone I knew. They loved it, but what do you think? Just like to hear from my cake friends! 
Woooow! Thats amazing!!! Maybe i can increase how many i do using that method. Im so exhausted from baking, decorating, and making icing the same day that i felt it best to ask if there was another way without compromising my product and moistness. Thanks a million bakingkat!
Thanks guys for all your suggestions! I will definitely try it first and see what happens!
Thank you Leah s! Is there a certain way you are supposed to wrap it?
Hey guys! I always bake and decorate the day before an order is due, including wedding cakes to ensure freshness. I've always had this concern of my cake drying out or not tasting fresh to the client if I froze it or baked it too far in advance. Now that I'm moving into more of a busier pace with these cakes, I just want to know is it REALLY ok and taste the same if you bake 3-4 days ahead and freeze it? This may alleviate some extreme tiredness if I could do this and it...
OMG HAMSQUAD! I NEVER KNEW THEY DID SUCH A THING! NOW I'M TOTALLY PUMPED! LOL! WELL, I guess I know where my extra money will go to this weekend! Can't wait! Thank you for sharing!
THANK YOU MBALASKA! What a huge compliment! I sincerely appreciate it!   I do have a pretty large client base and get calls pretty often. I had a shop that I closed but plan to re-open spring of this year. I really want to go in with a new look, new ideas and trends. I just wondered how could you sculpt a cake dummy to look like a purse or etc?   Thank you EVOIR for the information! I do want to learn other pastries as well, but my heart has always been for my cakes, I...
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