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Thank you very much! I am afraid though that I'll have to wait quite a bit before I can try it. Humidity is 100% today, argh! I hate Hong Kong climate, during the summer lots of time I can only work with chocolate because it is too humid for anything else.
I think pure gumpaste should dry better and faster than RI. Here during summer I can't work with RI at all, today was 100% humidity though which is too high even for pure gumpaste, with aircon in dehumidifier mode blowing directly over it.You could try modelling chocolate, that I've never had a problem with no matter how humid it is.
I order isomalt online, from Squires Shop (UK store).
Thank you! I'll try to blow it more slowly and under heat lamp, and see what happens.The important thing is that I can clean up isomalt the same way, yay, then I am not afraid to try. The humidity here has been over 90% this weekend, wouldn't have a chance to get anything done with sugar in this weather. So it is either switch to isomalt or wait till december to try
I would appreciate if someone can help.I have worked with pulled sugar with no problem, but when I attempt blown sugar, just cant do it, the bubbles are uneven, some parts very thin, others are thick. Should I switch to metal tube for sugar pump, I am currently using a wooden one? Or is there any other possible problem?Concerning isomalt, I haven't tried it yet but would like to try since I can forget about any sigar work in the summer here (over 90% humidity). The...
I also don't like Wilton's gumpaste, I prefer to use Squire's Kitchen florist paste. They have international shipping (it is UK shop), and it can be ordered onlline. They also have a great selection of cutters and veiners, their great impressions petal and leaf veiners are perfect.
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