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After adding the syrup to the meringue I ALWAYS let it cool down at least 45 minutes. . . I was taught the bowl had to be cool to the touch. Your simple syrup HAS to be the correct temperature, too. . . I usually let it go to 250 before I pour. I agree with the other posters that letting it whip, whip, and whip some more helps. I find the leaving the room helps, too. . . IMBC has that 'watched pot' thing going on! Also, make sure your syrup is getting incorporated...
That happens to me all the time with my chocolate cake recipe and I always completely cool. It is a very moist cake, so I think this is why. My vanilla recipe cools to a crisper 'crust' on top and tends to be not as moist as my chocolate cake. I think it's just an indication of moistness or maybe because of the oil added (as my vanilla recipe uses butter). As long as you know the inside is done (by torting), then I wouldn't worry about it. If I don't have to level a...
Dayti, I lightly greased the mat with Crisco and set the sheet on top (plastic side down). It worked well.
Mamasan, I posted a picture of the cake I did the sugar sheet letters for; it's in my pictures (the only one - I've never bothered posting my own pictures before! LOL)
Yes, I posted earlier that I used them in the Cricut - some smaller items jammed it up but overall it was easy to use with it and it came out beautifully. You only get 1 sheet in the Wilton package for between $3-4, which I thought was ridculous. I didn't realize they were the same as the edible frosting sheets you can buy in a package of 24 for around $28. . . so, yes, it's MUCH more economical to buy the packs of frosting sheets (I ordered from kopykake . com)
I bought the sugar sheets for the first time last night. They are pretty much exactly like the edible sheets you use for printing with an edible ink printer. I actually used them in my Cricut and it worked! Loved it!
Personally, I wouldn't use a different buttercream for decorations. May I ask why you want to do this? IMBC is softer than an American buttercream, but it can still give crisp lines (if that is why you are leaning towards a different type of buttercream for the borders, etc). Since it's a wedding cake, you will want a more cohesive look to the entire cake and I'd be afraid of having too many different 'looks' - kind of like using several different fonts in a typed...
You can also smooth it with a wet off-set spatula. The IMBC won't stick to it and you can get a smooth finish. I also chill mine and you can smooth out small problem areas with your warm, clean hands.
Can I freeze a cake that's been filled with cream cheese frosting (cream cheese, butter, confectionery sugar)? I freeze cakes filled with Italian meringue BC, but I'm not sure about CCF since you shouldn't freeze straight cream cheese.TIA!
Thanks, guys! I was trying to avoid having to carve too much - not my strong suit. But I have the oval pans in varing sizes, so I can use that to my advantage stacking horizonal, too.
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