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Interesting tip!  I will try that.   But that's a shame that you have to leave the site to have a successful search.
I know this is an old thread, but just in case anyone is still looking for feedback.....   I feel like the search functionality can be improved.  Often I try to search something and can't pinpoint it.
I do the same as Matty with no problems at all. I put my KA bowl over a pot of boiling water to melt the marshmallows then I take it off and add everything else in (slowly with the PS).  I use the dough hook on low and my KA seems fine.  The motor doesn't sound stressed at all.  The only thing I notice is that it bounces around a bit as the fondant comes together in a ball and bangs against the side of the bowl.  Make sure it is locked!   I had double carpal tunnel...
Are those Mike N Ike's on little sticks?  SO cute.
Thank you!
I've tried google and the search feature here with no luck.  The combination of words is just not leading me to the right place.   Can anyone advise on what type of icing would be best under quilted fondant? I like the benefits of using one that will allow me to get nice straight sides (my cake will be square) but I'm wondering if something softer would allow the fondant to puff better?  Also, not sure if crusting v. non-crusting makes a difference here.   I usually...
How do you prevent overbeating when you need to take the perfectly beaten icing and add color and water to thin it?
I'm not sure what the cutters you are using are like, so this might not work.   But when I want to top a NFSC with fondant I use the same cutter that I cut the cookie out with but when I cut the fondant I press down to cut and then wiggle it back and forth a lot.  This compresses the fondant and makes the shape slightly smaller than the it should be.  That way it sits on my cookie with a little room around the edge.   I wonder if you can cut out silver ones as you...
and now I'm obsessed!  They look so cool.  I think the possibilities are endless for using them to decorate around a cake, or maybe to top a cupcake - or make a bouquet!  Now I've got to find a wand :-)  Thanks for sharing.
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