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WOW this is not only a stunning colour but an amazing rose. I would also love to know how to get this colour.
I use real leaves. I coat the underside where the veins are more prominent. Ivy and rose leaves work well.
Thanks for all the amazing ideas. Anyone remember way back when you stuck a cherry on top with an angelica leaf and thought that was pretty!
Thanks SO much for posting the tutorial. I have been wondering how to do this since I first saw it. Your instuctions are wonderful and your cake looks beautiful!
HiI always start with the legs. Open up the bottom trousers with a pointed tool and then I add the feet or shoes by putting a piece of spagetti into the trouser legs and then a little bit of melted chocolate and then I stick the shoes on. The middle part also gets opened and sticks to the trousers in the same way. Lastly I add the head and hands. Melted choc works the best and for the shoulders I sometimes put the spagetti right through to attach the arms.Look for Aine2...
Did you use enough dowls? All around the side and in the middle. Where the dowels strong enough? It seems as though your top cake was definately squashing into the bottom layer. Did your top cake have a sturdy board underneath? Were your dowels long enough so that there was no pressure on the bottom cake. Somebody once said that you should be able to put bricks on top if the dowls and board where sturdy enough.
Go to You tube, you will find many helpful ideas. I especially like Elain Mc Gregor.
Fondant decorations get hard because they are thinly rolled out and usually have a gum powder like CMC. If you roll out your fondant to just under 1cm and do it a few days before the occasion it will firm up but not get rock hard. You will still be able to cut through it.
Fondant does not get hard. I think they are thinking of royal icing which gets very hard. If you are OK with your recipe, stick with it and good luck. Use ganach instead of BC.
Dear platinumladyDon't be so hard on yourself. Cake decorating is hard work and long hours, usually at night! Sometimes we just don't think straight anymore.The next one will be beautiful!
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