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The Lorraine oils do NOT have a chemical taste at all and a little goes a LONG way. I swear by them and have never ever had a complaint.
Wow...sorry to hear you had a bad experience I have used edible ink in the Canon printer I purchased just for this purpose and I have had no problems with the kopykake inks in the past 3 years! Hope you find a solutions that works for you!
I am SO gonna get Cake Boss!!!! I have wondered about exactly what it has to offer and this thread has answered questions I didn't even know I had! Yay! I'm so excited
This recipe has been my go-to white cake for the past 2 years! I can't even think of it without my mouth watering! Don't over-bake it! It has to be out of the oven when it's just done or it could possibly dry out! I over baked it once on my first try as cupcakes they could only be revived with simple syrup (I couldn't bare to throw them out). But if you bake this just right (you may even need to bake it at 325 and not 350) it is amazing. I carve with it, stack it...
Cakiemommie, don't worry. You have only been on FB for 2 months! I have been on for 3 years and it has been wonderful. Keep posting and putting up nice pictures and people will start to inquire about your services. I Tweet as well and my Twitter page and FB page are linked so my posts show on both. You can get good business off these social networks! Good luck and God Bless!
Great question! Let's see what type of responses you get. I am in the market for one as well! Good luck!
Are you kidding me????? You are SO sweet for putting the time in to share with us. Awesome!
I don't think this is a stupid question at all! I have wondered this myself over the years. Don't have the answer, I just know that for ME, it's the only way to go with Black & Red in my opinion.
Just type in Satin Ice Demo on youtube! It should come up straight away!
Good luck!!!!!!
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