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AGBAY all the way!
Jackie, you were absolutely breathtaking! And, Heath, you looked so handsome! Two beautiful people inside and out. Has anyone said anything about the Guinness Book of World Records for that cake?!?! Way to go Leanne!!! Even if it's not the tallest, or heaviest, or the most layers, etc., it's loaded with more love, from more people, from all over the world than anyone can even imagine. My family and I wish you the very best of days, and years to come in this marriage...
Ditto!I can't be of any help in the pricing either, but If they want "molded" mints, beware. The molds for those are quite pricey and it takes time to get the candies done. HTHGood Luck!LadyMike
I, too, think it is probably the whipped topping. You did a beautiful job and I'm sure she'll love it. I know you're disappointed but you know what they say about "Live & learn", or "Learn from your experiences". Most people won't have a clue - they'll probably think you did it on purpose - like a new style. Enjoy yourself and have a great day with your niece! LadyMike
What a great idea! Welcome to Cake Central, and thank you for sharing!LadyMike
Magic Line is the best for those sharper edges, so most of my squares & sheets are those. Now, PLEASE don't kick me, but I have no problem with my Wilton heart, petal, round, hexagonal, & oval sets, as well as some of the shaped pans - ie. Stand-up Bear & 4 of the small ones; Wonder Mold & the small ones; Sports Ball, Stand-up & other Christmas Trees, Stand-up House, large and small Book pans, large and small Crosses, every size you could imagine of loaf & cupcake...
Congrats! It makes it all worth while, doesn't it? Pat yourself on the back - you deserve it! Just remember, on those days that the "Bridezilla from Hell" gives you a rough time, to go back and look at this - Maybe you should frame it! LadyMike
My favorite is whipped ganache. YUM!!!!!!!!
I'm not sure about that, but they definitely look like the ones I saw in WalMart last night.I think a 6B would work. It's just going to take a little practice to get them to look like these. Who knows? You might make a "swirl" that you like better. Have fun!!!LadyMike
No, MBHazel, my DH loves coconut so I keep it on hand as well as the 'real' thing. You never know when the opportunity will arise to use it. Although, I have been known to make up some really good "virgin" Pina Coladas (medications prevent us from imbibing). Thanks to all who educated us. I can say I learned a lot about coconut 'fluids'. By the way, thanks Hazel for letting me off the hook. Don't you just love our CC family of friends?!?!?! LadyMike
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