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When I made WASC with chocolate the first time I used a milk chocolate cake and it was also not so chocolate the next time I used a richer chocolate I think it was a double chocolate fudge or something like this I have also used it with a devils food.
The cake you made is beautiful and well worth the amount of $150 or more it looks as though you put a lot of work into this cake and you deserve to get paid!!!! I am sorry I am not really good at collecting money but hey she went on vacation she should be able to pay you for your time and I would sternly tell her this when she gets back. Sorry I am not much help. I did want to tell you that I thought the cake was very very pretty!
Do a search on Google for volcano cakes and you will get a lot of results I tried to download a diagram that I found I hope it works. They used: Bundt cake base Dome cake middle (baked in medium bowl) Inverted cupcake peak They inserted a glass in the center and added dry ice and water. The website is finkbuilt.Hope this helps.Pam
Happy Mothers Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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