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I am sorry, there is no s after creation. It is. It must have auto correct and I did not catch it. Sorry about the trouble.
Please email it to me to You're a lifesaver!!😄
Looking also for this tutorial. Need to make a diaper cake soon. If anyone can PM me or email me that would be great thanks!
I found the ones I used at Michaels. It is wilton brand boy and girl people cutters. They are small and in one pack. It has the head body shoes ect. Here is a picture of the cake I made with them. Hope this helps!
They must be back up. I have they website saved and it was down they other day! I am glad it's back up!!!
Does anyone know what happen to them? I went this morning to order a large cupcake tree and found that there website is no longer there. Can anyone else suggest a website with stands. I need one for an Birthday party I am doing on the 27th of September. I am making a 8" cake with 120 cupcakes! Thanks!
I would try Jesters in Orlando. Their website is I live about 1 1/2 from them and pay regular UPS ground and get it the next day. It's great and they have a large selection. Hope this helps!
Thanks everyone!!
I so excited that this turned out good. This is a grooms cake I made from a picture the bride sent to me. I had the base of the boot carved from wood ( thanks to my father-in-law) and screwed to to the plywood cake board. I used 5 2in tall oval cakes. I took and outlined the sole of the boot and cut the 2 ovals to match it. The I used dowel rods and stacked the other 3 on top. Fondant it. Used gumpaste for the spur! I love it! Wanted to post it for those who were...
I have been asked to do a 3D boot cake this weekend and I am unsure how to make this. Any help would be great!! I am really excited to do this!
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