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Hey I am trying to recreate some sort of stained glass cake, 2 or 3 tiers and was wondering if anyone has a template for a design or it is all just random. thinking one of maggies cakes. any help thanks! ps I tried searching with no luck.
at my work we use a 7inch round layer and cut it in half and then ice it together to make a mound shape. here is a pic
thanks for the kind words, your cake looks great!!!! glad I could help!
yep drop it in a go, for one hate couplers and never use them..
I would use royal get hard in a couple days and comes right off the wax paper..I did this cake and made all my sea animals out of royal icing. now I cant see the image you posted so I might change my mind later lol.
glad I could be of help!!! I wanna see some more pics!
that and also temp change effects it to..if it goes from cold to hot it can crack as well.
what are you using to thin it?
^ yours look great! I love the pink flamingo cakes.
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