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Thank you! I will look at the kitchenaid more then! Last thing I want to do is waste my money! Its hard looking online because I can not tell how sturdy they look! I also do a lot of baking so I probably would need a sturdy one! I used to have the old green set of wilton cutters but only had them a week before my dog decided to eat them! LOL I probably will go ahead and get the new ones since I can find them at hobby lobby and add the old set to my Amazon list! Thanks for...
I am looking to get a good stand mixer and some good flower cutters! I was wonder what everyone prefers because I do not want to waste my money and whatever I get I have to get on Amazon! I know most people use kitchenaid but I am getting mixed reviews! I am looking at a Westinghouse SA61950 Stand Mixer, Stainless Steel but was wondering if anyone has any experience with them!I also can not decide on what flower cutters to get! Thanks so much in advance!
I am making a stacked cake covered in buttercream that does have butter in the frosting and plan on putting MMF fondant strips and stars on it! My question is how do I store it for a party tomorrow! I really want to put it in the fridge but I was worried how the fondant decor will handle it! It is 100 degrees here and unfortunately my ac is not to great with this heat so it is really hot in here so would prefer the cake be in the fridge if possible!Thanks
Could someone email this? I would greatly appreciate it!
Thanks for all the replys! I am not charging anything right now and just doing them for the experience so my out of pocket cost is getting crazy! I am not working so it is really adding up! I have my 1st baby shower cake this weekend which the request is a pregnant belly! I bought foam board yesterday and I guess I will have to make a trip to find cello or something like that to cover the board! Once I start charging hopefully I can afford to make the extra MMF! I also...
Everytime I make a cake and cover the cake board with paper or gift wrap I get wet spots where that I guess where the moisture from the cake bleeds! I have attempted to cover it with wax paper over the paper but it still does this! Is there anyway to cover a board that it does not show the spots? I know fondant would probably help but that is not in my price range for my next cake! Thanks so much in advance
I bought some guar gum that I found at a health food store thinking that I could add it to my mmf fondant to make decorations on my cakes! Problem is I can not find how and if you can do this! I have a house warming cake to make for Saturday for my brother so the sooner I figure this out the better!Thanks
Out of curiosity how soon in advance do you normally do your cakes? Yeah and something always happens like today my water is frozen so I have not been able to work on it and it has to be done tonight because my Mom will be taking it with her at 4 in the morning! Great thing I got most of it done yesterday!
Thanks! I guess I will get to making everything because I hate waiting till the last minute because with my luck something always goes wrong! I am snowed in today anyways why not make the most of it! LOL
I am making a cake covered in fondant and some cake balls for a Valentines tea! The tea is this Saturday at 1. I was wondering if I made it today if the cake would still be moist and good on Saturday? I have never made cake balls so I have no clue how long they stay moist but I am thinking the cake should be moist with the fondant on top!thanks
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