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I believe you use less product and get a more vibrant colour. No need to add anything!
Thank you so much for your reply. A few more questions if you don't mind... how long approx will it take to dry? Do I need to use any alcohol to when I paint it on and.... Will I be able to glue some fondant flowers and pearls to this? Thank you
I would like to make some heart cookie cut outs covered in gold fondant for valentines day. However I have never used the colour. I see that I can use airbrush colours to achieve this look but I do not have an airbrush. I have read that I can paint it on but this may be very time consuming and leave brush strokes. Is it possible to knead the airbrush colour into the fondant? If that's not possible how do I go about painting the gold on? Should I do it when the fondant is...
I always use store brand MM's and NEVER use shortening to coat the bowl, hands and spoon. I only use the shortening when working with the MMF and when storing I use a small amount to coat the MMF then saran wrap it. I have never had a consistency issue. Hope this helps.
Thanks a bunch for the info! I have to try cheesecake for sure MMMMM... Should I only use clear flavour? Will it change the colour if I do not use clear? Thank you again!
How do u add it and how much? What r Ur fav flavours? Does anyone put a layer of butter cream under the fondant to make the sugar cookies more tastier? Please share..HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL
Is it possible to use them together? Perhaps by rubbing some water onto the fondant...has anyone done this? Any suggestions...Thank you in advance
That's too funny and very true! Lock em up!
Where can we buy the charms...
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