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I have been told that Aussies can just use the Pavlova magic in those egg containers. You can find it in all supermarkets for a few dollars.
It is amazing how much smell adds to a food experience. When I have a cold and cannot smell, even my favourite foods are BLAH.Just looking at the picture, you think it is a kitty litter tray. But if it were in front of you then you may be tempted.
Sadsmile, you and your neighbours must have strong stomachs! I feel squeamish just looking at a picture of it.
Maybe it is a weight loss tool, it has turned me off eating for the rest of the day.
I stumbled across this cake while looking for recipes. It is the most horrid cake I have seen yet. I cannot imagine who would enjoy eating it.Please view at your own peril. And not if you have just eaten.Sorry, couldn't keep it to myself. anyone shed light on who would eat this? Or why you would make it?
Great! I would then price the cakes so it is a win win situtation for both of you in terms of profit. It would be great advertising for you. For me I think the $40 is good if she wants to pay it. You can not expect the same profit margin for wholesale and retail. Hopefully you will get plenty of customers from her coming directly to you.She will have some wastage as perhaps not all the cake will sell. Good luck, it sounds like a good relationship.
There is also another recipe with gelatine but I prefer this one!
I wouldn't use gumpaste I would use pastilage. Have a look at this link! It dries rock solid within a few days/week and is VERY strong.This building was made with it. add one teaspoon of gum trag to a cup royal icing. Leave 20 mins. Knead in icing sugar until you get a dough and knead well until elastic. No fat in it means it is...
Thankyou, I will change it to all purpose flour.I am worried about the rest of the world trying the recipe with cups. Metric have a larger cup at 250ml and I believe Americans cup is approximately 237ml. (the note about the 237ml is for the international bakers so they don't use the cup measurements)This would make the recipe different.I have used the gourmet sleuth conversion for ingredients. It is a great tool for international conversions as it weighs each...
What a beautiful cake! You should definately price it in regards to your profit and not worry too much about her profit line. I am wondering why she would be purchasing from you. There are many wholesale cake suppliers that make gourmet cakes for $25 approx this size, with premium ingredients (not sure about your area though)If you do want to make cakes for her you will need to not price them too high as she will need to make a profit as well. Why not make them for...
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