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Thank you so much Andlydle!!!! I will definitely try it
Thanks Marianna!I have an aunt that wants a chocolate cake ice cream roll. I just want it to roll up and not crack. I have wanted Rose's book, I guess I'll have to get it now
I am looking for a chocolate cake recipe that would be suitable to make a jelly roll type thing. I appreciate any help!!!
I love to experiment with flavoring whipped ganaches, chocolate and white chocolate. I have gotten little "nips" of liquers such as Bailey's or Kaluha and heating them with the cream so the alcohol content cooks out but you still get the flavor. I also use extracts to flavor the ganache. The choices are almost endless. Thanks for all the links, I am always up for trying new stuff.
It may be "disco dust". I am not 100% sure because I haven't seen this challenge yet but that is what it sounds like. HTH
Very well said JanH! I am trying to be a sponge on this site! I am here for advice, tips, hints, ideas and maybe a few laughs. It makes me sad when people just try to get people angry or try to make a statement that has nothing to do with cakes, cookies, candies etc. I appreciate everyone's expertice, advice and all around generosity!
That's really interesting about the beets! I will have to try out the Domino sugar next time. I do get a grainy texture with the store brand.
I always sift everything! I sifted a cake mix the other day and found a piece of plastic in there! I will never NOT sift ever again!
I usually use the store brand. I am curious to know what others think too.
Congratulations and Good Luck! Your flowers are beautiful, they will definitely have you on the show!
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