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It looks to me like a fluorescent light coverÂ….
Thank you so much for the responses!
I need to make 12" and 8" squares for a wedding cake but don't have good pans in those sizes. I have the Wilton 12" but the corners and edges aren't crisp enough for me. I want to purchase a pan that will be multi-functional; I'd like to use it for all size square cakes. I've seen on cake decorating shows that sheet pans are used and then a square template to cut the size wanted. What sheet pan is this that they use? I've tried searching for sheet pans 1" deep but...
How do I make these? I've read somewhere on CC to fill a cone about 2/3 way full and bake as normal...Is it just that simple ??? Do they bake up enough over the edge for decorating? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Hmmmm.....Maybe find a stamp with this impression from a craft store and then use a powder color to emphasize the stamped impression.HTH
Wow...yeah, you figure on average you can get about 2 custom cake boards out of one foam core boards from michaels (if they're average size cakes). Compared to the price of the foamboardsource boards, you could get about 4 boards by making them yourself...hmmm...I'll have to agree with most everyone else...As much as I dislike making them, I'll have to. Man! Had my hopes up too!
Thank you sooooo much for sharing! Would you please send it to me!
Thanks for all the help! I used the impression mat and tried my best. It wasn't as easy or as simple as I expected, but I made it work. Thanks again!
I've been doing criss-cross but then they start looking funny to me. kind of like the diamond starts going sideways...
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