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The ice cram cake recipe i want to try adds a thin layer of chocolate topping on top. im not sureif I can put the buttercream transfer on top. but I will err on the side of caution and do with out just in case.
Thanks I wasnt sur if the buttercream would be ok with the ice cream or chocolate sauce.
I am making a my little pony cake but my customer wants an ice cream the ones from dairy queen...not with real cake in it. can i put a frozen buttercream transfer on an icecream cake? i cant put a fondant pony because obviousely it needs to be frozen so i was leaning towards FBCT.
Sure will, Ill have to get a candy thermomiter. cant wait to give this a whirl!
Wow, thanks tiggy2. That link is just what I need. Better than all the stuff I found online myself.
hi there, I would realy like to try making decorations with poured sugar and was wondering if anyone has a good recipe and tips for making it as well as how to use it. annything for a newbie to experiment with. I looked on line and didnt find much info on how to shape and mold it. thanks Stephanie D.
There are so many wonderful options out there but they can get pretty expensive. For cake making I would go with a nice little single Action Paasche Airbrush. they are very good quality and are easy to get used to.You can get them online or at any good art supply store. Paasche has some good kits for starters and at a great price range, some kits are as low as 60$ others go up to over 200$ for double action. Here is a pic of some edible airbrush colors.(Korma edible...
lol, I had no idea either but here is the link Jan h directed me to. Thanks again Jan!!
I'm an Illustrator and use airbrush quite ofen and I can tell you that with practice you can get the most perfect gradients. The trick is taking the time to do it well. you need to spray light coats and give them a bit of time to dry in between. do several layers ofone color first then the second color. yopu can use an airbrush for almost anything including stenciling. It doesnt have to be a "spray all over tool" , you can do very intricate work with it. I would say...
I would take the advice of JanH. She gave me the same advice and it helped me to no end, lol no more tuneling in my cakes and they tast good too lol
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