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The entire time I kept saying that this Stevie person could not be real. And when Jason grabbed the fire extinguisher, I think I died of laughter. It certainly was an entertaining challenge and I think Kerry and the judges went pretty easy on Stevie. The entire time that she was "decorating" me and my sister were sitting there with our jaws on the floor. I love when Jason and Josh work together. They're a great team and super cute together and I'm glad they won. ...
Yesss, I didn't understand why Courtney used that saying. For one, the bride and groom on the wedding challenge said that the saying was their own personal joke, why was on the 'Tups' birthday cake? I liked Courtney's cake too, but I was rooting for Mary. What are the rules regarding the assistant thing? I know Jason Ellis and his assistant (his name escapes me) were first featured as such and then the assistant branched and was his own competitor. Perhaps Mary's...
But you do see Bronwen making snarky comments about Mary in every episode. So, it sounds about even.
I was going to ask the same. Mary said something on the first challenge about Bronwen not thinking that Mary should have won the Simpson challenge over her, but I don't know if that's the story behind or if FN is just making the "story" bigger than what it is. Bronwen seems to always have something to say about Mary.I like Mary's cake. Bronwen always does cakes that spin, so that wasn't really all that extreme. But 7 feet high was pretty extreme. The glow in the dark...
I really loved your (Ashley) and Richard's cake. But I knew from the moment I saw the sketch that the judges would criticize Snow White being so small. I hope to see you on future competitions.I'm really glad the the FN introduced some new people.
Some people use foamcore boards, which may be some of the thicker boards you see. They can be found online or at craft stores.
I just used it to make 75 tiaras, how ironic. They're still drying, so no pics yet
Why can't I find this infamous LV purse on their website? Their silver clutch purse looks like a cake I've seen here.
And I thought I was the only one. NFSC is so bland to me. It actually tastes like a shortbread cookie to me
I also ordered the cast iron one for $12 and I haven't received mine. I ordered on the 20th of January
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