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Thanks for the idea, but cutting on an angle wont do anything because I'm tying the ribbon into a bow. It's satin ribbon, and even if I tie it tight, it is still sliding down. I don't want to tie it any tighter, it will damage the cupcake. I'm afraid I'll just have to double line them like I thought I would. that way the Glue Dots will stick to the paper liner and my ribbon wont slide down. It's just a real pain, and will take longer :/
suggestions anyone? help! :/
The problem isnt the ribbon absorbing the grease, it's keeping the ribbon from sliding off the cupcake. I tie the ribbon around the cupcake, and it slides down and falls off. I tried using Glue Dots to adhere the ribbon to the paper, but it wont stick because it is greasy. I don't want to have to use double liners if I don't have to because I've already tried and it's such a pain.Anyone ever tie ribbon around a cupcake before? Any tips?
I have a cupcake order where I need to tie ribbon around the cupcake. we tried glue dots to attach the ribbon to the paper, but it wont since they're greasy. I don't want to use a second paper liner if I can help it. But if I have to, I guess I will. Any other suggestions on how to get the ribbon to stay on the cupcakes? THANKS in advance!
what a joke...
Which design did you get?
Ok, thanks! I really hate mixing up the NFSC dough, but I love the cookies. I have a small order that I need to fill, and I didn't want to cut down the recipe, so I'm planning on freezing the dough for an order for in the future. I would just bake those now and freeze them, but they haven't picked out a shape yet! *sigh*But I might as well try it and see how it works for future reference!
I've bought frozen cookie dough in the past, but any reason that freezing raw NFSC dough would be a problem? Anyone tried it? Any suggestions on how to wrap it? I was thinking just freezer ziplock bags...Thanks!
Piping gel or corn syrup will give the buttercream elasticity so that your lines don't break while piping
I do want to stack my donuts I want a tower of sparkly cinnamon sugar donuts on a pedestal with some fresh flowers tucked in between the donuts. sweet and simple and screw saving a donut for our one year anniversary, I'll just go to the bakery and get some fresh ones! And donuts are a hell of a lot cheaper than cake or cupcakes...
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