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What kind of support did you use for the tiers?
I won't go so far as to say your responses were funny, but I was amused. And part of that is because of how different people can be.I'm horrible about processed foods and junk food in general. I grew up on home-cooked meals until my brothers moved out of the house when I was 14. I got my first job at 15, at a fast-food joint and my mom stopped cooking.My love for horribly-bad-for-you food really got going there. I'd get 50% off my food at work (Popeyes, in case anyone was...
That made perfect sense! Thanks. I'll definitely try that next time.
I'm mostly asking this for future reference, since my idea for dealing with arms in a 3D cake failed me on my husband's birthday cake., what I did here was used dowel rods fastened together to form the bend, covered them with fondant and such. I just stuck the arms in, and I knew they would fall out. I was pressed for time and the cake wasn't going to be delivered anywhere.But does anyone have any idea on how I could have done...
I'm practically begging DH to buy me one after we get our taxes back next year, lol. With us having the baby and my withholding being so high, we're sure to get a nice check back. Please oh please! lol
I figured if I gave the exact company name, finding their website is merely a Google search away. I'd rather be safe than sorry!
I'm so glad others have had good experiences as well! I really wanted to share because a good company with great customer service deserves to be praised and recommended!
Yep, should be just fine! I'd put it somewhere dry, though, to avoid humidity that can wreak havoc with fondant. Good luck!
It will be fine on Saturday without refrigeration. All the icing and such keeps the cake from going stale.If you put a whipped-icing cake in the fridge, I have no idea how that would work. I don't use that icing type.Hope that helps!
Oh thank you! I actually need to update that as I only have 16.4 lbs left to go now!
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