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I don't know if this will help but my brushes shed if they've been washed incorrectly (I don't think I know how to wash them correctly either! I think I either use water that's too hot or the wrong soap or something...) and/or if they're too old.   But those were the Wilton brushes I used and some cheap-o ones from Michaels, and I recently bought some brushes from Hobby Lobby and they haven't shed (yet)
...also Smirnoff makes a caramel vodka that is delicious, and I think that would make an excellent dessert too!
My vote's for silver too!
And sometimes if you ice the cake while it's frozen, it'll crack the icing too!
They make a birthday cake flavored vodka don't they? I think that would be pretty cool to try with a vanilla/yellow cake!
Thank you so much!! =D
thanks for the review, Rae! Next time I'm at Nicolas Lodge's shop, I'll pick up a few pounds and try it out myself! I can't believe how much cheaper it is. The thinnest I've ever rolled out fondant is with Fondarific, so I can't wait to see what Fondart can do!
From the reviews I'm hearing, this sounds similar to Fondarific, only a lot cheaper. Has anyone done any comparisons between FondArt and Fondarific?
One thing I did do, though, was to dry them on flower formers or crumpled up foil so that they weren't all flat, like icer101 was saying.
I've used similar cutters before, but I didn't buy them on ebay so I can't say that they're exactly the same (although they do look alike!)When I made a wedding cake with them, I didn't use the ball tool on the edges, although I suppose you could try it?
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