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Not sure how the heart is done but googled quilling and got these.
All my cakes are like babies to me so hard to choose just one but I think the nappy stack cake comes near the top as it was much easier to do than expected and I just loved the way it turned out. Everybody thought the nappies were real and I loved the little shoes. The second was my first wired flowers and this is a cake that looked so much better in flesh so to...
Not sure if this is the cake but the large letters can be brought from Patchwork...
 Not sure If your asking about the first picture with instructions which without looking at them closer looks to be made form sugarpaste (fondant) or the template which would need flowerpaste  (gumpaste). if it's the sugarpaste one you may have enough left over from covering the cake that you can colour and use or  if using the template design a small packet of flowerpaste will do as it rolls quite thin but how much you use will depend on the size shoes  you make.
Blimey! I wish that my first cake came out as good as that let alone the baby shoes. You seemed to have mastered gumpaste well.  Great cake. I am sure this will be the beginning of an obsession though. Well done. I love the cake and I don't really like busy cakes but this just fits.
Gumpaste is what we call flowerpaste.You can add ready to roll sugarpaste to flowerpaste (50/50) to give you more time to work with as flowerpaste dries hard quickly but is more stronger. This may help you. Sugar paste alone is not strong enough. you need Flower paste (gum paste) and to allow drying time. Ideally using a tube as the link for better support. I tried it once using tylos in the sugar paste but it didn't hold. The one in my pics was flower paste (gum paste).That held well but it was a flat handle rather than rounded.
Did you mean buttercream flavouring. I would just add vanilla extract. is this the one you were on about? Never made one but looks ok to me. I always assumed that the centre was just coloured pink rather than flavoured.
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