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Has anyone tried Fancy Flours Chocolate Gingerbread Cookie Recipe?  I would like to but have no idea if this cookie has a spreading issue as this is going to be used for a decorated leaping reindeer cookie???   Cakeymom
After responding to this thread I was curious so I baked my new and improved recipe for someone that ONLY likes docotored cake mix cakes and she responded by saying, "Why didn't I do her cakes with this cake"?  So, she loved it!!!  How gratifying is that to have a convert????  I love it!!  My recipe was an instant hit with her and others in the building that tasted it this morning.  I have worked endlessly on this recipe search and tweaking what I liked and didn't like. ...
I do and that is why I bother to bake from scratch. I have taken a good deal of time by the way of research and development with my recipes and am quite proud of them. The texture the moisture the taste are phenomenal. But every once in a while I get someone that wants a doctored mix and I refer them to someone else that I know that bakes that type of cake and it does not bother me to do so because I want them to have what they want and everybody is happy. Cakeymom
Thanks for the response but I really need a little more advice??  The cake will be delivered on Saturday and consumed on Sunday so it will sit for a day with the gumpaste flowers on it.  Do you think they will wilt?????       Cakeymom
I just made Gumpaste flowers that will dry through to the middle of Saturday. I will apply the flowers to the top of the cake and deliver it shortly thereafter. It is for an affair on Sunday. My Question is this - Does anyone think my flowers will wilt????? Cakeymom
Yes there is in that someone that does not have a dog in the hunt had a comment. If she says something to me I will kindly and gently discuss it with her. Cakeymom
My son is taking some cupcakes over to the school. So my niece will be happy as she does not know he is coming. My whole point was if you are not involved why even have a comment??? If I where going to do something to take to the school it would not have been on such an elaborate scale. I work a full-time job and did this cake as a surprise for my niece and her family to enjoy. They are a family of 8. If my MIL wanted her to have something she should have offered. ...
 It is not petty.  And I have been doing cakes for all my nieces and nephews, as well as, other relatives for quite some time now regardless as to whether it is on my side or my husband's side of the family.  This particular niece I am especially fond of.   My main problem is that people that do not do cakes do not appriecaite what goes into it.  Plain and Simple.   Cakeymom
This is actually my husband's niece.  His sister's child.  We both have only been married once to each other now going on 28 1/2 years.   I guess the old saying of, " No good deed goes unpunished" would apply here.  But, I really don't think my MIL meant anything just that she has no idea what goes into a cake like this so she thinks it's a cake to hack up at school.  Which is what I do not apprieciate.   I am now trying to figure out a way to get to the school to take...
We get a long fine.  But, time to time and the times are few and far between, she has made little comments.   But, I don't think she meant any harm.  Just that my niece wanted something for school and if I had thought about it I would have done some doctored cupcakes.   I think my point is that I am an aunt by marriage and did this cake on my own accord. Why did her parents or my MIL not see fit to take something over to the school today??????   Cakeymom
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