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LeanneW thanks for the tip.  I tried a sample piece on buttercream and it did just fine.  I was still a little hesitant and ended up wrapping the cake with chocolate fondant and it did well.  Picture is posted.   Cakeymom
I have punched my pattern onto my wafer paper and would like to know if I can apply this onto my buttercream cake OR do I need to cover it in fondant first???? If it makes any difference I plan to cover parts of the wafer paper with gumpaste flowers to give it some depth and dimension. It is a 6" cake 4" tall and will have 39 flowers on the side of this round cake. Cakeymom
Do you think it would be ok to use a craft punch on wafer paper to wrap around a cake??? It will be removed before eaten. I have an idea for a cake that I am doing for my sister's birthday tomorrow. Cakeymom
I ended up using simple syrup with Kahlua, but next time I will use the Hershey syrup. So obvious I don't know why I did not think of that????? Cakeymom8O
What can I use to moisten a chocolate cake that is already baked.  My cake is moist already it's just that since I am beginning to work with it today and it's for Friday I want to play it safe.  I was thinking about a simple syrup with a little Kahlua added to it???    Cakeymom    
I received this weird message:   helen4u replied to this thread on January 25, 2:36 am Hello, I visited your profile at ( and I find out that you're the type my heart love, I believe we suit for real love, let walk that precious thing out for heart desire, I hope and believe we match for good. When contacting reply to my mail address ( I am waiting for the love. I am, Miss helen
I used my edible image printer on a frosting sheet and the color is not vibrant. It has been six weeks since I used it and I do keep it in a cool dry place. I ran a piece of wafer paper in it before the frosting sheet. I am using Icing Images ink and frosting sheets so that can't be the problem. And the ink has barely been used and was fine the last time I used it. I am stumped. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Cakeymom
Are you ONLY going to do cakes???? If yes how about Luscious Cakes??? If you are going to leave room to expand perhaps Luscious Desserts??? Good Luck, we in Alabama are on our third go round in the legislature with our Cottage Food Law to allow home baking and selling of those goods. Cakeymom
Has anyone tried Fancy Flours Chocolate Gingerbread Cookie Recipe?  I would like to but have no idea if this cookie has a spreading issue as this is going to be used for a decorated leaping reindeer cookie???   Cakeymom
After responding to this thread I was curious so I baked my new and improved recipe for someone that ONLY likes docotored cake mix cakes and she responded by saying, "Why didn't I do her cakes with this cake"?  So, she loved it!!!  How gratifying is that to have a convert????  I love it!!  My recipe was an instant hit with her and others in the building that tasted it this morning.  I have worked endlessly on this recipe search and tweaking what I liked and didn't like. ...
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