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Has anyone made a Cream Cheese Swiss Meringue Buttercream???  If so, did it act just a a regular Swiss Meringue in it consistency and workability?  Did allow for sharp corners???   Cakeymom
Ok, how about a strawberry swiss meringue for the filling and for it to be iced in.  I am trying to add some flavor since red velvet cake is not a flavor.   Cakeymom
I am doing a cake for my sister for this Saturday.  Tell me if this sounds good to you???   Red velvet cake with a strawberry cream cheese filling covered in white chocolate ganache??     Cakeymom
Well, maybe the other suggestion will work better for you.  Use a chocolate disk on the cupcake.  Take some chocolate and melt it then spread it to the proper consistency by hand or by using two sticks in whatever height, say 1/8" to spread it between the sticks as a guide on top of parchment paper.  Then before it sets completely use a cutter to cut the disks and once it hardens carefully roll the parchment paper on the edge of the counter to remove the disks.    Hope...
Where can I buy the acrylic disks used in the upsidedown ganache method? Cakeymom
Modeling chocolate or chocolate disks. Cakeymom
I recently made a two tiered birthday cake. An 8 and 6 inch cake. It was delivered to a home and there was no one there when the cake was delivered. There was a small sized rickety wire stand they wanted the cake placed on. Well, I placed the stand in the kitchen and placed the cake on the decorated cake table. I called my client to tell her her no way. I hope it works out and thanks for sharing. It will help someone else. We learn something from each experience. ...
LeanneW thanks for the tip.  I tried a sample piece on buttercream and it did just fine.  I was still a little hesitant and ended up wrapping the cake with chocolate fondant and it did well.  Picture is posted.   Cakeymom
I have punched my pattern onto my wafer paper and would like to know if I can apply this onto my buttercream cake OR do I need to cover it in fondant first???? If it makes any difference I plan to cover parts of the wafer paper with gumpaste flowers to give it some depth and dimension. It is a 6" cake 4" tall and will have 39 flowers on the side of this round cake. Cakeymom
Do you think it would be ok to use a craft punch on wafer paper to wrap around a cake??? It will be removed before eaten. I have an idea for a cake that I am doing for my sister's birthday tomorrow. Cakeymom
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