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You also may want to try Craftsy.
Okay I tried Lorann's Cheesecake Oil Flavoring. One word - FANTASTIC!!!!!! I did use some cream cheese, butter, but mostly hi ratio shortening, and powdered sugar. Amazing!!!!! I will do it added to plain American buttercream. Looking forward to the results. Cakeymom
When I was looking for knowledge in areas of baking and decorating I checked out my local library. They have a wealth of information and depending on your library's budget they will even order books. Mine did.
Thanks for the confirmation!  I was hoping this would work.  Only thing, since this is for an event I better by pass the Vanilla Nut flavoring and just use a good Vanilla flavoring.   Cakeymom
Has anyone tried the cheesecake oil flavoring???  If so, was it good in flavor and achieve the desired results???   Cakeymom
I need a good cream cheese frosting. I tried the Cream Cheese Emulsion and YUK! I just ordered the Lorann cheesecake oil flavoring hoping for better:grin: results. I am needing a shelf stable cream cheese frosting. I will also try one on this site. I think it was Earlines(sp)? Any other suggestions will be appreciated. Cakeymom
You're probably correct.  I'll just need to do more research.  Thanks       Cakeymom
The first cakes that I baked were the doctored cake mix cakes that turned out AWFUL and I threw them away.  The second cakes are my scratch cakes that turned out beautifully.  That why I said that I will not ever do that again.  Try and take a shortcut.   Cakeymom
Has anyone used this in an attempt to produce a shelf stable cream cheese frosting???  If so, where do you buy it and is it working???     Cakeymom
Eachna  I'm sure she will.    There's a song and one line states that experience is the best teacher.  I am at work today and so sleepy.  But, I have to work on the fondant flowers for the cake.  Good thing this cake design only has a few, maybe around 12 of varied sizes.   Cakeymom
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