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You're probably correct.  I'll just need to do more research.  Thanks       Cakeymom
The first cakes that I baked were the doctored cake mix cakes that turned out AWFUL and I threw them away.  The second cakes are my scratch cakes that turned out beautifully.  That why I said that I will not ever do that again.  Try and take a shortcut.   Cakeymom
Has anyone used this in an attempt to produce a shelf stable cream cheese frosting???  If so, where do you buy it and is it working???     Cakeymom
Eachna  I'm sure she will.    There's a song and one line states that experience is the best teacher.  I am at work today and so sleepy.  But, I have to work on the fondant flowers for the cake.  Good thing this cake design only has a few, maybe around 12 of varied sizes.   Cakeymom
I am a scratch baker and my recipes are perfect, as I have taken the time necessary to make them that way.  Three of my cakes have even won in local contests.  So, why would I try to make a doctored cake mix cake?????  Trying to save time thinking it would be easier.....WRONG!!!!!!!   I had to re bake two half sheets.  Didn't save me time and definitely did not save me money.  This is for work and I am not getting paid, as it is for a wonderful lady retiring in our...
I need something that is quick and relatively inexpensive.  A couple of boxes of cake mix, oil, eggs, etc.  with a quick mix method of dumping it in all in one bowl, mixing it, and then pour it in a pan.  This has to be ready at 8 am and I so, hence the need for something quick.  This does not count cooling, icing, and decorating.  I am doing a sheet cake to expedite the time factor.   Cakeymom
I normally bake from scratch but I need a good light and fluffy cake, as this is not a stacked cake, for a last minute request.  For in the morning!!!!!!!!   Thanks for your help in advance,   Cakeymom
Thanks egna!   This was the third year.  We are now out of the dark ages!!!!!   I am so excited. WHOOT WHOOT!!!!!    KMKakes, if you're not already, also follow the Facebook page entitled Alabama Cottage Food Bill for updates, as well as, a host of other good knowledge and tips.  These ladies are AWESOME!!!!!!   Cakeymom
Alabama now has a Cottage Food Law. YIPPPPPEEEEEEEE! The Governor signed it, so it is official. Cakeymom
Ok below is the recipe I used.  I liked the texture and everything else about this cake, but to me it did not have enough carrot flavor.   Do you think by subbing out some of the oil for strained carrot baby food I'll get what I'm looking for flavorwise?  I have to bake this cake on or before Sunday so I don't have time for a new recipe or to tweak this one more than one additional time, as I work a full time job.   1 1/2 cups sugar 2/3 cups firmly packed brown...
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