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I see so many cakes with beautifully covered boards that are so smooth. Is it covered in fondant??? I tried it and it was a hot mess. So I just threw it out. I tried to use the foam core covered with fondant that I added tylose to.What the heck did I do wrong????Thanks for any help,cakeymom
It will collapse, but should still have a light texture. And that is because of the butter.cakeymom
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!!! cakeymom
Please help this is for THIS Fridaycakeymom
I want to make a topsy turvy like cake for a young lady's 18th b'day. I want the base smaller than the top of the cake. Structurally what do I need to do???? I plan on baking a very vanilla poundcake so that I don't take a chance on having a cake that I can not carve. 1. If I want the base to 8" and the top to be closer to about 9 1/2" in diameter what size cakes layers do I need to bake. Three 10"????? 2. Will this need dowels?????3. Also, what type of silver...
Well, how about a nice cake for everyone else and a lovely cookie bouquet for her to have and enjoy. Does she like sugar cookies. I make a vanilla with or without almond flavoring and then a chocolate that tastes like a brownie?????Just a thought...... cakeymom
This is one that I did and someone posted a variation that is pretty as well. And it's very mature.
Good Job!!!!! Hopefully mine will be as pretty when I start making them.cakeymom
If I were opening a business I would go based on what I had been doing to get me to where I would even want to open a business and that which was getting the best reviews.1. Does it taste good to my taste testers/clients???2. Does it look good, by that I mean appetizing or do I get comments that it's too pretty to eat???3. Am I obtaining consistent results???4. Is it priced correctly for the product being made???I think those are your biggest concerns. I bake from...
I would define "Scratch" as ONLY using fresh eggs, butter, cream, sour, cream, buttermilk, etc. Then having measured the flour, cake flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt, etc.Then, mixing the two together. To me, saying that scratch is a combo of prepackaged store bought ingredients and then adding to that is considered just what it is a "Doctored Mix" and for one to say that this is scratch baking is splitting hairs?????But, in the end if the client is happy...
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