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I don't know what your talents are being a, "Newbie". But, I rec'd so many nice compliments, from the person that ordered this cake, and from most that see it, as well. I had full reign.(Which I Love)It's a present styled cake and if you don't want to have the sides slanted inward or the top slanted downward it would be fine. Just use the fondant accents along with a bow. It's very age appropriate. My MIL loved this cake and she's in her 70's. I would use maybe three...
I would use my regular cake and sub some of the liquid for rum or use a rum flavoring. Then as my soaking syrup use a rum simple syrup. I've done this Amaretto and have had wonderful results.cakeymom
Regardless of which tool that is used how do you get it to line up perfectly????Just wondering since I would like to add this technique to my cakes.cakeymom
I recently had my own adventure with a repeat client. She's nice but so it very picky, but so am I. First, she wanted a sheet cake (which I hate doing but agreed). Then she wanted lime green, chocolate brown, and white. She wanted me to make up something for a baby shower. Finally, she had a problem with the price of the half sheet cake. Which she was getting it for a steal - anyway.I just made up something and I won't go into to the details as to why I wouldn't be...
Thanks for the compliment LaBellaFlor cakeymom
In my attempt at a topsy turvy cake does anyone use a level when carving the cake in which to place the next tier???? Sorry, the OCD in me just had to ask.cakeymom
Thanks!!!! I was thinking I was on the right track with the exception of the carving in order to place the next tier of cake on top.I'm going to see if there is a way for me to incorporate the topsy turvy style cake into my Wilton Course #3. I think it should be ok so long as I have the elements from this course on the cake??? We'll see. I have a very nice and knowledgeable instructor who advocates creativity.cakeymom
Attached is a copy of my slanted cake. It's sides are carved inwards and the top is slanted/carved downwards.Am I correct in my thinking that all I have to do is the same carved cake in a different size smaller or larger to begin building a topsy turvy cake???For some reason I couldn't attach it????? So the link to my cake in the photo gallery is below:
I was a little lost with term, "Book In" myself. I think that sometimes people, in general, use terms that they are familiar with an assume others are as well.For instance, I work in the accounting field and if said the the words, "Credit or Debit" versus increase or decrease you may not know what I'm talking about. So, it's all relative. Just food for thought. And probably the fact that you were dealing with someone that was hearing impaired just made it a little...
Sounds like this may be a good time to use a vanilla pastry cream, which is a lot thicker than a pudding.Try to Google it. Sorry, but I don't have a recipe for it.
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