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I'd love to know how you altered the gumpaste as well.
I experimented this weekend with Jello for the flavoring of an 8" round I used 1 oz of Jello. The flavor did not come out, so I tried 2 oz for the 8" round and now I'm getting a slight after taste from the citric compound in the Jello.The color is not deep enough for my taste as well.So, my thoughts are to use extracts or to use juices/puree and small amounts of zest. To enhance the flavor. I need to have this cake for this Wednesday so ordering extracts is not an...
Just a thought. Home Slices, Slices of Home, Slice of Heaven?Good Luckcakeymom
heidemarie I would the recipe in grams if you don't mind. I weigh my ingredients.thankscakeymom
Why don't you try craigslist or your local classifieds. I'll bet you can find a new if not nearly new mixer. Might not be the same brand.I had a disaster about six months ago during orders. My KA gear went out.(Over worked them) I found a local service center that quoted me close to $100 to fix it, but my DH is very handy. DH bought the part for $10 and fixed my KA. He's a God send Good Luckcakeymom
My son will be 22 next week and I'm looking for a challenge, something that I've not done before.So, I saw a Rainbow Cake that has the coordinating flavors. Such as yellow is lemon, green is lime, and so on....Does anyone have a method for this?I'm thinking gel or paste colors to get the vibrant colors I'm looking for and then jello for the flavoring.I saw this at a bakery called Sugarees in Mississippi.cakeymom
If your not able to find the six point star cookie cutter. Do like I do and hand cut it using a cardboard template.Works every time
I'm in the Gulf Coast region of Alabama and would love to see the laws changed for home bakers. Count me in on whatever. From writing letters to getting a petition signed.It's the antiquated 1901 Constitution.......cakeymom
This cookie is going for 5.00, and that's proably not enough. I know it's hard, but there are plenty of people that appriciate paying for a good quality product.A good rule of measure, as stated prior, is to charge by the inch, and then add based on the design.Good luck and happy baking,cakeymom
I posted the cake in pics. All in all I think it came out ok. I have gained a knack for making the tiles. Now I need to find some other molds in various shapes and sizes.This was fun cakeymom
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