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This cookie is going for 5.00, and that's proably not enough. I know it's hard, but there are plenty of people that appriciate paying for a good quality product.A good rule of measure, as stated prior, is to charge by the inch, and then add based on the design.Good luck and happy baking,cakeymom
I posted the cake in pics. All in all I think it came out ok. I have gained a knack for making the tiles. Now I need to find some other molds in various shapes and sizes.This was fun cakeymom
Bluehue, that's a thought. it would make the other colors really pop. I have some lime fondant already made up. When I get home I'll roll out a piece and put it beside the tiles and see if I like it.Thankscakeymom
JGMB another CC'er did a beautiful sugar tile cake. Look up adkins1985 and you'll see it. She gives instructions on how to do it.
I had a tasting Saturday for a possible Sweet 16 party for 60 people. The mother wanted a sampling of chocolate and vanilla cake. The theme was Hello Kitty with background polka dots in pink, brown, and white. She liked the chocolate cake and wanted a two tiered round cake consisting of a 10" and 8". The bottom tier sides would have the three colors of polka dots and the top tier sides would have three large bows similar to what Kitty wears. I told her no faces due to...
I have made my square sugar tiles to apply to an 8" round three layer cake. My only dilemma is what to place on top of the cake???????I thought about a large peony type flower using heart cutters for the petals.My tile colors are burnt orange, orange, yellow, deep red, and deep burgundy.Any other suggestions would be great!!!!!!cakeymom
You are an ANGEL!!! Thank goodness you are someone that truly cares about people.cakeymom
Thanks a bunch!!!!! cakeymom
I am looking for an online Michaels coupon for use today.Thanks,cakeymom
Please post some pics. I would love to see how they turned out.
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